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Principal's Notes

Did you know?  Important information for students and parents...

* PSAT/NMQST:  Students in grades 11 and 8 will be taking the PSAT test on October 14.  This test is particularly important for our 11th grade students as it is the qualifier for the National Merit scholarship that will be awarded based on their spring test.  If they don't take the qualifier in the fall, they will not qualify for the scholarship.  Testing will take place in the morning, Junior a.m. CTC students will be at Pine River for testing that morning.

 *Parent-Teacher Conferences are Thursday, October 15.  Students will attend a 1/2 day with dismissal at 11:15 (Morning CTC students WILL attend, No p.m. voc).  Conferences are 12-4 and 5-8 with teacher dinner break from 4-5.  6th and 7th grade teachers will be in the MS cafeteria, 8th through 12th grade teachers will be in the HS GYM.   

* Chromebooks can be used at home without wifi.  It's true.  As long as your student saves their work while at school, they can continue to work on it at home without wifi.  When they return in the morning, the wifi will allow them to have all work completed at home saved to their account.  It's not too late to pay for the insurance so your student can work from home.  Students in grades 7,8, 10 and 11 currently have chromebooks.

Upcoming Dates:
Oct. 12:  School Board Meeting
                 Cornerstone College rep visit
Oct. 14:  PSAT testing grades 8 and 11
              Marching Band to Reed City Competition
Oct. 15:  Parent/Teacher conferences (12-4, 5-8pm; student 1/2 day)
                 CTC Open House 5-8pm
Oct. 16:  Lake Superior State University rep visit

Vision Statement

   Student-Centered, Success-Driven

Mission Statement

Working together, the Pine River Middle/High School community will provide a rigorous learning environment in which all students will be cared for and challenged to achieve their full potential. 


Principal - Kimberly Miller                                                                                              Dean of Students - Shawn Ruppert 
      kim.miller@pineriver.org                                                                                                    shawn.ruppert@pineriver.org

Secretary - Teri Quibell                                                                                                   Secretary - Sandy Gustafson
     teri.quibell@pineriver.org                                                                                                    sandy.gustafson@pineriver.org

Athletic Director - Aaron Schab                                                                                       HS Counselor - Chad Phillips
     aaron.schab@pineriver.org                                                                                                  chad.phillips@pineriver.org

                                                                                                                                        MS School Success Worker - Bryan McConnell

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